FIBRE Releases New Compilation Album, “2014-2016”

It’s not every day that we see a full-fledged compilation album, from a smaller artist. Luckily enough, though, FIBRE has been generous enough to hand-pick some of his best music – including the likes of some tracks that haven’t even been released yet!

Tracks that are sadly absent however, are his illustrious remixes and spectacular collaborations with the likes of Aritus. As much as we loved those, we have to hand it to FIBRE, as he’s done a great job assorting the tracklist.

The compilation starts off with Don’t Stop, a track which has heavy electro influences and Future Funk written all over it. Top notch stuff in our eyes. Don’t blink though, or you’ll miss gems such as Personality and SSM2044.

The last track on the release is actually a free download, so if you like Highlights, then why not have a free copy for yourself? Lastly though, you can buy the compilation album and support FIBRE and Savona here.