Daedelus + Aphex Twin = Heaven

An Aphex Twin rerub, from the likes of Daedelus was something that we never expected, but something that we actually REALLY needed, in hindsight. If you’re a fan of electronic music alike and indulge in some of the more ‘finer’ releases in musical history, then you’ll no doubt have heard Richard D. James’ magnum opus – Avril 14th.

The track itself is quite simple when you gaze head-first into the ambient and monotonous abyss that Aphex has laid out for you. It’s only when you delve even further, however, when you find an established and complex piano-piece, worthy of the highest of praise and fortune.

This is where Brainfeeder’s ‘wildcard’ and extravagent music producer, Daedelus, comes in.

As trippy and nauseous as some of the beats sound, they amalgamate into one tightly packed pulp, serving a neat and mindful purpose that Aphex Twin will always have some of the best music around.