NEUS Puts an Amazing Flip on The Weeknd’s “Starboy”

By now, you’ve probably heard The Weeknd’s unperishable hit, Starboy, way too many times for your liking. We’ve got something to show you though.

NEUS is one of France’s premier producers in the electro niche – which means that undeniably, he’s pretty damn good. Heck, he’s even signed to deadmau5’s label, mau5trap, for crying out loud. You many even remember his remix of Pharrell Williams’ Happy which attracted million of plays across the world. That was before it was sadly taken down and now resides as a secondary upload on YouTube.

Well my friends – he’s done it again. If you’ve ever wanted to imagine what Starboy would sound like with a French electronic kick, then now is your chance.

The Paris-based producer does well to keep the soul and magic of the original intact, as well as adding his own little touch – that being a ‘French Touch’ you could say. We’ll stop knattering now, have a listen below: