An Interview with: River


Vocalist and keen musician, River, has only burst onto the scene in the last couple of years. She’s racked up appearances on labels such as Perfect Havoc, Protocol Recordings and most notably, Kitsuné, alongside musicians such as Tobtok and Oliver Nelson.

We reckon that 2017 will be her year though, with a new single planned to release very soon and a whole host of new projects up her sleeve – you’ll be wondering where she’ll end up next!


FS: Hi River! It’s very nice to meet you.

First things first, you’ve enjoyed a vast amount of success in the past year or so. What has been your favourite moment so far?

R: Hearing my feature with Tobtok and Fast Car play on Capital Radio!! Big up to Marvin Humes!!! I cried my little eyes out…. and I snapchatted the moment it happened cos I was obviously super excited, but it turned out to be my ugly face crying haha. I didn’t expect it at all but it was such an amazing moment for me! That’s the kinda thing I been dreaming about since I was a kid so yeah!

FS: It’s great knowing that you’ve achieved something so great isn’t it?

How do you think Perfect Havoc have helped you, in regards to growing as an artist?

R: By letting me be myself…. for supporting my vision and believing in me… simple as that! It’s been a very organic, easy and fun process to work with these guys.

FS: Do you have a favourite artist on the label?

R: Oooo that’d be mean of me to say… all of them 🙂

FS: Alright, down to business.

You just released one of your first original pieces of music. Can you talk us through it?

R: Soooo I was at the studio with Alan (manager/producer/bad ass) and we were brainstorming old school songs we reckon we could put a River spin on and I mentioned how much I loved Ashanti and that was it…. We started recording straight away as soon as I started singing aloud, he was like “That’s it, we”re doing it!” I also wanted to give away a free download as part of everything that has happened in 2016 before releasing my official debut single on Perfect Havoc, which I am super excited about!

FS: Can we expect anymore original material from you this year?

R: Yessss I can’t wait to share!!! I have a single lined up and raring to go after ‘foolish’ called ‘Remember Me’ out on Perfect Havoc (obviously) and another lined up after that! I am super excited about Remember Me as it’s taking a while to finish but I am really happy with it and I hope people like it. I will also be making my vocal a-cappella available for people to download on that one too! I’m always writing and recording so I hope to be getting as much out there as possible for 2017.

FS: We’re glad to hear it! We’ll be looking out for your new single in the near future.

Our last question now – If you could collaborate with anyone on a track, who would it be?

R: This is soooo difficult! How long ya got?! Haha. Tracy Chapman (obvs) Ashanti (obvs) Hayley Williams, always loved her! Ed Sheeran cos he writes some bangers!! Rudimental, Disclosure, Mura Masa, Clean Bandit…. I mean the list really could go on and on haha.

FS: Hopefully we’ll be seeing you collaborating with these artists in the near future then?

We have to say a massive thank you to River and Perfect Havoc for letting this interview go down! Check out River’s socials and a playlist containing all her features, if you wanna catch a glimpse of what she’s done – below:




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