The Supermen Lovers “Caravan” is a Sweet Love Affair

Starlight was one of the greatest French House tracks ever produced. Let’s face it.

The Supermen Lovers just managed to get everything in tip-top condition – whether it may be the overly simple, yet astonishing bassline, or even Mani Hoffman’s enlightening vocals, we loved every second of it.

It hasn’t even been that long since the release of their Absolute Disco EP however, but it seems like The Supermen Lovers are yet again, back in action for another jaw-dropping release.

Caravan is something quite extraordinary though. In this track, we see the French musician get to grips with a somewhat ‘unconventional’ sound, compared to his other counterparts. Nevertheless, we get the message immediately.

We kinda feel like this is some sort of hybrid between Techno music and the French House genre, but hey, it definitely works!

As of writing this, The Supermen Lovers have released their latest EP. You can listen to it here!

The Supermen Lovers