Gorillaz Tease New Album with “Noodle” Mix

The teasing is just too much for us to handle! When was the last time we had a Gorillaz album? Surprisingly, it was a double release, with The Fall and the ever-loved, Plastic Beach, leading the way.

Ever since the beginning of October, the British band have been pestered as all, non-stop with illustrations and even product placements? (Yeah we don’t know either) However, just today, Gorillaz have decided to release a mix from their guitar player and backup vocalist, Noodle.

Highlighting some of the best music from female artists, such as Empress Of and Grimes, Noodle shows us how great her tastes are, as well as showcasing how strong female musicians can be on the musical forefront.

If you look carefully at the artwork however, you’ll notice how there is the number ‘1’ at the bottom of the image. This leads us to think that we may be getting mixes from the other three members.

Have a listen if you can, it only clocks in at around half an hour!