5 Mr. Oizo Tracks You May Not Know About

Mr. Oizo has been a trademark character in the French electronic scene, for as long as we can remember. Tracks such as Flat Beat and Hand In The Fire have spelt moderate success for the musician, but there are some tracks that undeniably fly under the radar. In this five track list, we’ll be running down some of Quentin Dupieux’s tracks that you may have never laid a finger on. Buckle up, as it’s about to get bumpy.


This full-hearted collaboration with Tahiti Boy, takes quite a few knocks on our behalf, ushering in some tepid and noteworthy sounds.

Oddly enough, this track doesn’t even feature on Quentin’s full-length movie, WRONG, even though existing on the film’s soundtrack. Instead, it derives itself from the movie’s trailer and just that. Nevertheless, Ronnie is quite the ‘Ed Banger’ indeed.



Kirk was one of Oizo’s earliest releases ever. In fact – it was released in 1997, a year known for Daft Punk’s sensational first album and not much else really? Anyways, Kirk was surprisingly easy to listen to, compared to his jagged counterparts released nowadays. But then again, the accompanying music video is completely intact with Oizo’s signature image. It kinda reminds us of his All Wet promotional video…



Quite an overlooked track in Oizo’s discography is Rubber – a track featuring none other than Justice’s Gaspard Augé. The track is as barmy as you would expect and fits in with the vibes that the equally disturbing film with the same name, gives off. Another honorable mention as well, would have to be Tricycle Express – which exists on the same soundtrack as Rubber. Great stuff.



Lovin’ is quite possibly one of the best tracks on Oizo’s Amicalement EP. So much so, that the Ashford & Simpson sample of It’s A Rush is a flabbergastingly great fit for a Oizo track. One gripe we have with the track however, is how short it is. It’s usually in Quentin’s nature to create short interlude tracks though, so we’ll let him off this time.


No Day Massacre

Lastly, we have No Day Massacre.

We know what you’re thinking. This isn’t actually Monday Massacre at all. This version of the track features some different breaks, along with record scratching, throughout the whole track. Difficult to stomach, we know. This track resides on Oizo’s first album release, Analog Worms Attack – alongside greats such as Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog and Feadz On.

Mr. Oizo