Label Shoutout: Savona

Disco, Disco, Disco.

It may come as a surprise, but there is a new label in town, producing some fine-ass music. Savona have only popped up on the map this year, but have garnered support from some pretty radical artists. We’ve already got releases from the likes of FIBRE, RobClemz and more, wetting many people’s appetites. As the label was only established not too long ago though, we’ve decided to run down all four of their latest releases, in chronological order.

FIBRE – My Heart

If you’ve been paying attention recently, FIBRE has been straying away from his Future Funk ways, to neatly drop into the realm of French Electro. My Heart however, elaborates on his final moments as a Future Funk musician, implicating that 2017 is going to be a new dawn for everyone – including himself.

Us for one, are extremely excited to see what FIBRE comes up with and if you’re interested – you can read into this subject more in an interview we conducted with him, not too long ago.


RobClemz – Keep In Touch

RobClemz has an array of tracks, that he has produced over the years. Keep In Touch is one of his stronger tracks though, vastly introducing the talent he has for creating Disco House music.

Have a listen to Keep In Touch below:


Alex Edwin – Follow

Taking on a more ‘ambient’ approach, Alex Edwin delights us with Follow – a track which breaks the usual conventions and boundaries of normal music and showcases what he can fully create with a vivid imagination. We can definitely see this one on the background tracking of a TV advert or something a WHOLE lot bigger.


Nameless Warning – Last Exit

Last, but definitely not least – Nameless Warning hands us Last Exit, a track which we think is the best song to come out of the Savona label so far. It’s just so distinctively Nu Disco. We love it!

Let us know what you think of Last Exit?

If you’re interested in downloading any of these songs, make sure to rock on over to Savona’s Bandcamp!




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