French House Flashback: Pierre De La Touche – Love The Way

In a new segment that we’ve decided to test out, titled French House Flashback, we’d like to highlight some of French House and Disco’s greatest tunes from back in the day. What better way to start off though, by covering Pierre De La Touche’s absolute classic, Love The Way.

After hearing this on an old French Touch mix (circa 2013) on YouTube, we immediately fell in love with Pierre’s ability to implement some of the funkiest baselines and quite possibly some of the best uses of sampling that we’ve ever heard. Speaking of sampling, Love The Way samplesĀ Venus’ Don’t Leave Home Without It and it’s astonishing to think that he was able to create such a well-rounded tune with this one track.

Don’t believe what we have to say? Have a listen for yourself:

Pierre De La Touche