Listen: Adrian Wreck – Wave Cloud LP

So French Records have always been known for their ambitious take on the French Touch genre. What happens though, when you blend the refined sound of French basses and beats, along with ambient-styled tracks created by musicians such as Brian Eno and Aphex Twin? You get Adrian Wreck’s newest LP of course.

Yes, yes. Adrian Wreck has surprised us all with his debut album, amalgamating influences of hip hop, electronica and glorified house. It’s one of a kind at a glance. Tracks such as Digital Water, have a ‘floaty’ feel to them, giving us the best of what Adrian Wreck can come up with, while Wave Cloud and It’s Like A Loop are all bona-fide French Electro.

You can listen to the entire LP below, or pick up a copy at Beatport exclusively here.

Adrian Wreck