Woman: Justice’s Leap Into Electronic Magnificence

It’s finally here.

After quite possibly, one of the longest waits that we’ve ever had to experience – Justice have descended from the skies to bring us one of 2016’s most hotly anticipated albums. Surprise, surprise… It delivers on most aspects.

When we covered Busy P’s Sonar Festival set back in July, we were hot on the heels of a new Justice track. Surely enough, our findings were correct and we managed to uncover Safe And Sound, a track which revitalized absolutely everything we adored about Justice.

We were absolutely hyped and bamboozled over the fact that we had some new Justice material after 5 years, but the wait wasn’t over just yet. Not long after, Ed Banger Records would premiere Safe And Sound on BBC Radio 1, along with a short interview with Gaspard and Xavier, giving us a short insight into the new album.

Then, all stood still.

We were literally left as sitting ducks, as Safe And Sound was the only new Justice content that we had to revel in. We didn’t even know at the time if Justice were even going to make a new album?

Sadly, info would leak about Justice’s next single, Randy, which would send fans and especially us into a frenzy. After this, we knew that Justice would be releasing a new album. Titled Woman, we had high hopes for the new LP. Was we expecting Cross 2.0? Another Audio, Video, Disco based album? Or a completely different direction altogether?

This evidence came in the musical form of Alakazam !, a track that followed very close suit to Randy. After this, Justice would announce many live dates across the world and people were lucky enough to see Gaspard and Xavier in the flesh once more.

Fast forward to today and Justice release their new album to absolutely astonishing hype. We were completely blown away by the sheer amount of variety on the album! It’s finally here.

Woman opens with Safe And Sound, the italo-disco sensation that we’ve all managed to love after the copious months that we’ve sat listening to it on repeat. We’re glad that this is the opener. The aptly named Pleasure expands on that Justice sound that we located with Randy‘s release. It’s definitely a pleasurable experience listening to this track, not long before coasting into the magnificent Alakazam !, brimming with disco elements, as far as the eye can see.

Fire is one of the albums standout tracks, with an addictive guitar riff and funky basslines and melodies. We dig it way too much for our liking.

Tracks such as Chorus and Love S.O.S., go real hard – pushing the boundaries with their impenetrable grooves and vibes. On the other hand though, you have Justice’s closing track, Close Call with its striking similarity with Alan Braxe’s In Love With You, with an airy theme and ethereal attitude that we can all get along with.

We love Justice’s new album. We’re absolutely glad that Xavier and Gaspard had managed to pull another splendid LP out of the bag after 5 years of waiting and that waiting was surely worth it. However, we are also interested to see in what direction Justice go in next. Will they stick to their disco roots? Or will they completely reinvent themselves again? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned.