Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours” Gets A Justice-inspired Rinse

Justice’s Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 has sadly been postponed until later notice. This makes us real sad, but luckily, we’ve got just the treat for everyone.

Baby I’m Yours has always been one of Ed Banger’s staple tracks, with Irfane’s heavenly vocals and an equally flabbergasting music video, blowing us all away. We’ve always wondered what it would sound like if Justice put their spin on it though…

Say hello to Arigato, mysteriously bursting onto the scene with nothing much under their name, but a great motive to create some Ed Bangin’ music. Their Breakbot remix capitalises on Justice’s first album, as well as Breakbot’s disco-filled abundance of musical workmanship. We love it.

Check out the remix below and don’t forget to show your support for Arigato!