Galantis @ O2 Forum Kentish + Interview With CID

Although we never usually cover Galantis on our site, we was lucky enough to be on the guest list for their London tour date, last Wednesday. Before we dive into the event itself, we managed to get a brief chat with their support act, CID, backstage, to talk about all things tour-related.

FS: So you just reached over a million streams on your track Sweet Memories, how do you feel about the success of that track?

CID: I’m really happy with it. It was something me and Kaskade had been playing for a while so being able to clear that sample, which was a Four Tops vocal and putting it out and being able to see all the DJs playing it has been awesome. It’s still building and I’m really happy with that.

FS: Do you think that you and Kaskade are a ‘force to be reckoned with’ in the electronic music industry?

CID: Well I think he is. I just feel lucky enough to be under his wing, especially in America and I can say the same thing about Galantis and they’ve been helping me by putting me on tours and stuff. It’s been some great exposure for me.

FS: What’s it been like on tour for you so far?

CID: This is my first time playing in all of these cities in Europe and it’s been amazing. I’ve always wanted to come here and play my sound and I want people to remember me and hopefully come to my shows when I’m headlining.

FS: Do you and Galantis get up to any mischief while on tour?

CID: laughs Yeah, you know they’re just such fun guys to be with, such legends in music. Just getting the chance to hang out with them and ask them questions about production and stuff is awesome.

FS: What do you think of London?

CID: I actually love it, yesterday I talked to Blonde and we got into the studio. I didn’t get to see much of the city, so today I woke up and just went all over London. I love it here. I took the train everywhere and I’m from New York…

FS: So, you take the subway in New York, don’t you?

CID: Yeah so I felt right at home, which was great.

FS: Apart from your collaboration with Blonde, are there any other collabs that we could see soon?

CID: I mean, you know, when 99 Souls was in New York, he came to my studio and we started working on something and we’re definitely trying to finish something, so we’ll see.


To our astonishment, the O2 Forum was absolutely packed. Eagerly anticipating the arrival of Galantis, there was a fresh intermission of at least 10-15 minutes before the Swedes blasted onto the stage with a striking prelude.

The duo played many of their own compositions, including the likes of Peanut Butter Jelly, No Money and Runaway (You & I), which was the last song they belted out to the audience.


As well as the hits that everyone knew and loved, they decided to step it up a notch. “Celebrating Dance Music” as they said, they played some of the greatest dance tracks of all time, such as Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation and Riton’s recent electrical affair, Rinse & Repeat.

All in all, Galantis had thrown it all down with a swift and enlightening DJ set, blasting the crowd away with their signature vibes and sounds, as well as throwing a bunch of well-loved tracks into the mix. Our ears were definitely ringing at the end of the set.

You can check out some of our own footage of the set below:







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