Bart B More Releases His Bloghaus Throwback Mixtape

Bart B More’s mixtapes are a blast from the past. Not too long ago, he formed an excellent Fidget House mix, featuring some of your favourite musicians like Crookers and obviously Bart B More himself.

Now he’s delved into the fantastic world of Bloghaus, which was popular around 2005-2009 before slowly fading into obscurity. We think it was one of the greatest eras for electronic and music in general and hope that we see it re-emerge soon.

Bart B More definitely showcases some of the best tracks in the genre though, covering classics like DJ Mehdi’s Signatune and even A-Trak’s remix of Oh! by Boys Noize. We really do miss Bloghaus, but this mix will keep us company until hopefully some day, when it returns!

Bart B More