5 Artists We Desperately Need New Music From

We all know a few talented musicians that have been on a brief hiatus for awhile. Unfortunately, it has been too long for some of them, so we compiled a list of artists we desperately want to hear from soon. Tune in below as we dive deep into the work of these skilled musicians.


Uffie has been out of the spotlight for quite some time shockingly, disappearing off the radar around the release of her first album, Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans.

The good news however, is that Uffie is set to soon return to New Wave, a label known for hosting the likes of artists such as Jerry Folk and the ever awe-inspiring, Rambo V. It’s a shame that she won’t be returning to Ed Banger, but we appreciate her presence in the music industry, more than ever.



Do you remember Feist? We sure as hell do.

Although not known for her contributions in the electronic music community – Feist definitely deserves to be mentioned for her extremely talented musical creations. Heck, she even got a remix of her track, My Moon My Man, from none other than Boys Noize for crying out loud!

Speculation of her return still runs rife however, with a video from March of this year supposedly revealing some new material she has been working on.



An obvious frontrunner in the industrial techno genre, Gesaffelstein is a monstrosity of a producer. His tepid beats and brash musical elements, hold no bounds, when compared to the tunes released nowadays.

We suspect he’s smoking a cigar and sipping on his glass of whiskey in the middle of France somewhere, just waiting to release something so vivid and captivating. We’re frightened with what he might come up with… But it’ll be a blast either way.


Dog Blood

Although both the artists on this entry have at least put out an album within the past two years, Dog Blood still remains one of the most quintessential and ambitious electro duos to grace our planet.

You see, you have Boys Noize who has just recently released his latest album, Mayday, to critical acclaim. Skrillex on the other hand, has been collaborating with a bunch of new people lately, with Jack Ü being one of the biggest things on his plate, by far.

Can we expect a reunion sometime soon? Possibly.

Both Boys Noize and Skrillex featured on Mr Oizo’s latest LP, which may hint towards a later collaboration sometime soon. But who knows entirely?



You didn’t think we were going to miss out one of our favourite producers of all time, were you? SebastiAn has always been an oddball on the Ed Banger record label, only putting out one full length album, within his successfully long career.

However, he may be due for a return. He’s played sets with Busy P and his buddies at some festivals and has even contributed towards Frank Ocean’s latest album, alongside piecing together some tracks for Saint Laurent not too long ago.

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