Lemaitre Release Their Hotly Anticipated “Afterglow” EP

After a short hiatus, I’d like to say that I’m back to my regular posting duties, up on The French Shuffle. To celebrate just in time however, Lemaitre have finally dropped another EP!

Two of the tracks on Afterglow, are tracks that you’ve probably heard before, sometime or another. We Got U, has especially been making the rounds, featuring on EA Sports’ latest FIFA game. Playing To Lose however, has opted for a lowkey affair, somewhat sliding under the rug compared to some of Lemaitre’s greatest hits.

We start with Last Night On Earth, a track which has strayed away from Lemaitre’s usual soundscapes, settling on a Future Bass type of sound. Although we’re not the biggest fans of the Future Bass genre, we can definitely get behind what the boys are up to.

Haze is a diamond in the rough. We mean it. We absolutely adore Phoebe Ryan’s lyrics on the track, steadily fuelling the atmosphere and musical tension that Lemaitre love to create.

You can check out the full Afterglow EP below:




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