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Kris Kross Amsterdam are a Dutch musical three-piece, producing and releasing their music on the Spinnin’ record label.

They are most notable for their track, Sex, which absolutely stormed the charts of pretty much every country around the world, picking up mind-boggling recognition. It seems the collaboration between them and Cheat Codes was just too much for everyone to handle…


FS: Welcome all! Today we’re chatting to Kris Kross Amsterdam, talking about their recent successes and what they’ll be up to in the future.

Firstly though, you’ve had an overwhelming amount of success with the track Sex, with Cheat Codes. Was this something you was ever expecting while producing the song?

KKA: Well, you can’t expect a success like this. What happened with the song was truly unbelievable and we want to thank everybody for their support! When we received the vocals from Cheat Codes we started right away producing the music. Everything went very fast and after we finished our first demo we looked at each other and said: “this could be something. It’s going to be our second single, but this could be something.” and luckily it became everything we dreamed about.

FS: Do you think you could ever recreate this success at all?

KKA: I don’t believe in recreating a success. I think that when you aim for just a successful song, the contrary will happen. I think we are just going to make the music we love and if we love it, hopefully someone else will too. With Sex there was a lot of love, so we can only hope for that in the future, but it won’t be our main goal.

FS: We totally get you!

Changing subjects swiftly now, but will you be at ADE?

KKA: Yeah of course! We have a super cool program, first we are going to play at the Spinnin’ Sessions with our whole Spinnin’ family, we also play the Heineken Music Hall on Hardwell’s eve on AMF and we are hosting our own party night on the Saturday! We are throwing 3 different party’s at three unique locations, Kris Kross through Amsterdam. We start in the Bitterzoet, then we go on a boat and party over water, and we close the night at the club where Kris Kross the party started 5 years ago: Club Up.

FS: We wish we could be at ADE, but we’re unfortunately busy. Hopefully you’ll all have an absolutely smashing time!

Speaking of ADE itself, what is it about Amsterdam, that makes it such a great city?

KKA: The creativity of the people of Amsterdam. You can find it everywhere in the city and that’s why the Amsterdam nightlife is such an amazing place. There are always creative new concepts to discover and besides that I think Amsterdam is the most beautiful city in the world.

FS: What do you have on the horizon for us all then?

KKA: Our new single will be released within a month, we will play a lot of cool indoor festivals and we are really looking forward to play on New Years Eve. We have got a tour through the Netherlands planned with 3 huge shows!

FS: Finally, what are some of your favourite tracks from the 80s/90s and why?

KKA: Everything from Michael Jackson’s Thriller album!

FS: What a solid choice!

Thanks to Kris Kross Amsterdam for taking the time to chat with us today. Just below the jump, you’ll be able to listen to their ADE mixtape and check out their social medias.

Kris Kross Amsterdam



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