Com Truise + deadmau5 = Perfection

If you’re an electronic music fan, you’ve bound to have heard of deadmau5’s ‘holy grail’ of electro music, Strobe.

With its 10 minute play time and it’s respectability as one of Joel’s finest tracks that he has ever created, it’s hard not to see why the crowd is always pumped when the mau5 himself, drops it at festivals across the world.

However, mau5trap is fast approaching its 100th release and what better way to celebrate, then releasing a load of remixes for Strobe? You’ve got the likes of dubstep powerhouse, Feed Me and even Joel himself producing remixes for the release. One track that caught our eye however was Com Truise’s edit and time and time again, we are blown away by the musical talent that he puts into his tracks.

Premiered originally by Mixmag, Truise supplies the retro synthwave aesthetic, known for such tracks as Silicon Tare and 84′ Dreamin and blows the cult classic wide open entirely. It’s a fresh take on an oldie, bursting with personality.

Com Truise





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