Feadz Bounces Back With His New Track “Panther Pump”

Rejoice everyone! Ed Banger’s finest DJ, Feadz has returned with an almighty tune for us to revel and daze ourselves with.

Premiered via Data Transmission and part of Moveltraxx’s Street Bangers Factory‘s fifth compilation album, Feadz, gives it all he’s got with this fast paced electronic hip-hop track. It’s the Parisian you know and love behind Panther Pump and we hope that he’ll return with some sort of EP or release soon.

While we’re on the topic of Moveltraxx, if you happen to be in the UK in November near Birmingham or London, the labels crew, including the likes of Big Dope P and even Feadz will be playing live sets for your enjoyment.

Check the Facebook events page here, if you’re interested.




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