A Short Interview With Frankjavcee


Frankjavcee is a YouTuber with over 160,000 subscribers and creates some of the most satirical and interesting musical content on the video publishing service.

Known for his How To videos, Frank covers a whole host of genres such as Vaporwave, Future Funk and even the likes of… Vaportrap? (yeah we don’t know either)

So sit back, hold tight and brace yourself as we chat to one of YouTube’s most prolific musical content creators.


FS: Good evening all! Today we’re chatting to Frankjavcee about YouTube, the vaporwave genre and some other topics along the way.

Speaking of vaporwave, the genre has kind of manifested into a giant phenomenon recently, with merchandise and an influx of release on Bandcamp and more. Do you think vaporwave is a fad, or will it stay on ‘the map’ for a longer period of time?

FJC: I dunno. Only time will tell. Like people used to tell me my first HOW TO video killed VAPORWAVE. But it only got bigger and bigger after the video. It’s funny, because people tell me I invented VAPORMEME, or did I just help birth the next mutation of the genre. Vaporwave to me has always been the culmination of all the past arts mixed into one giant gumbo of an aesthetic. It mixes old with new and we get this weird wave.

FS: Are there any other weird and wacky genres that you could see breaking from the mould and rising to fame anytime soon?

FJC: If I knew, I would have hopped on it right away and started memeing it. From my experience, trends are randomized and the only way we can control what is popular is by participating in the meme. Like when I started I really liked 8-BIT and 808s, now FUTURE BASS is exactly that with way more fancy synths.

FS: We do like a few fresh MEMES now and then.

What is your opinion on French House music and will you do a How To guide on the genre sometime soon?

FJC: Yes, if only I can talk about the FRENCH REVOLUTION and its butterfly effects on the AMERICAN DREAM. I fuck heavy with kicks over disco music.

FS: We’ll definitely be looking forward to that then! If it’s anything near your Future Funk video, we should be in for a treat.

Interesting question: Would you rather listen to Bieber for the rest of your life, or noise music?

FJC: I enjoy music put together by huge teams of people. A Justin Bieber record has probably like 50 people working on it. It’s like a major motion picture of sound. Also his voice is pretty… he gets a bad rap because deep down, I bet we all wish we could be beautiful pop stars. I did a whole video on Noise music, I’m only halfways done with the rest of the noise videos tho.

FS: Are you staggered by how much your YouTube channel has progressed over time?

FJC: I feel like a lot of YouTubers have to say, “I COULDN’T BELIEVE HOW FAR WE’VE COME!”. In all honesty I’m exactly where I need to be. I could see this happening and I took my chance and did it. Although I could be doing better but I always try to do things myself and end up with weird bouts of depression where I don’t do anything for weeks at a time and my channel does go down, if I don’t upload every other day. That’s why all these channels with daily content seem to blow up because algorithms promote channels with more content. I’m more amazed at how lil things I do in my videos or social media affect people on a mass scale, its like creating a lil ripple in a wave then a tidal wave comes from it.

FS: Some deep words there. We’re glad that you’ve managed to get where you are now in terms of viewership and content.

Lastly, what is your opinion on the latest changes in the YouTube terms of service, regarding ‘controversial’ videos?

FJC: I’m indifferent ’til it happens to me, but I try my best to not be controversial… It’s only music my dudes.

FS: Precisely.

We have a special thank you to give to Frank for the interview, check out his YouTube channel as well as his other social medias below:




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