Feel The “808s” With Biceps Latest Tune

Feel My Bicep are the bloggers, turned techno musicians, that have racked up a CRAZY amount of recognition over the last few years. It’s quite astonishing to see that writing for a blog can literally get you into the industry that you love the most. Maybe we should try it someday…

Anyhow, Bicep’s latest track is a remix of a track called 808 State | In Yer Face and we can definitely feel the force of the 808 drum machines pummeling our faces, but in a good way. Exceptionally speaking, the remix of 808 State’s original tune holds no bounds to what the London-based duo can come up with. There’s literally nothing we can hold against to them.

Check out this dashing techno tune below and don’t forget to show Bicep your support:

Feel My Bicep