Camino 84 Produces An Electropop Sensation Titled “Oh My”

Oh My what do we have here? Pushing puns aside, the Boston-based disco and funk producer, Camino 84 has enlightened us with the aptly titled Oh My, featuring a neat little collab with Sidney Gish.

The track has already gained some traction with sites such as Nest HQ and the likes of subreddits such as r/listentothis. We can’t help but feel like this will be a sort of ‘turning point’ for the artist!

In depth however, the song feels like it’s bouncing through the air, incorporating some top-notch vocals from fellow singer, Sidney Gish. We can definitely get used to stuff like this!

If you’re really digging it, you can grab a free download here. Also, make sure to support the fellow artists by dropping them a follow on their social medias below:

Camino 84



Sidney Gish


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