French Horn Rebellion Talk About Touring The US, MGMT And More


French Horn Rebellion are known for their upbeat music and unsurprisingly, the French horn! The brotherly duo are on the brink of launching a new LP and a new single in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for their next releases! Oh and did we forget to mention that they love their French horn?


FS: Hey everyone! We have quite the treat for you today. Brooklyn’s very own French Horn Rebellion, is here to have a chat with us.

So you’ve been recently touring the US and by the looks of it you’ve been having a blast! How has it been so far for you?

FHR: Yes, we’ve been doing a lot of great shows over the past few months.  Early this year, we were on tour with Mystery Skulls, and now this summer we went on tour with Digitalism. To top it off, there’s been a busy DJ schedule playing a lot of fun parties around the country. It’s been great.  

FS: Speaking of tours themselves, has anything interesting happened while on the road?

FHR: Well, anytime there is a live show or a DJ sort of atmosphere, there are interesting things bound to happen.  It’s where people party and get low to the beats and it doesn’t stop there.  Usually after shows there is more partying that goes on.  I rarely stay out past 2, but I’ve been witness to a lot of wild stuff.  Being a French horn player, I have to keep things civilized (wink).

FS: Let’s get down to the knitty gritty now. Your last track Day By Day was a song that we loved to listen to on repeat all the time. What’s the story behind that creation?

FHR: When you’re in a band with your brother, there are a lot of highs and lows. This song is about sticking it through and just getting it done one step at a time, day by day, night by night. The message is simple yet powerful.

As far as its creation, the beat originated from a MGMT remix we were commissioned to do, but which the band decided they didn’t like, so we turned the beat into an original. We knew this jam was special and invited one of our best buds, Doc of Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue to come by and he put these great vocals down. I’m glad MGMT turned it down!

FS: Woah you got very lucky there then! Its been a while since we’ve heard some material from MGMT actually…

Anyways, Pink Flamingos have gone on to create a song of their own. Did you help contribute to the track in any form?

FHR: Yes, French Horn Rebellion is part of a community of musicians in Brooklyn that has a studio in Williamsburg called YouTooCanWoo. We brought Doc (of Pink Flamingos) into the fold and so this track was mixed and produced at the studio.  Ensemble Records is our little label to release this stuff.

FS: Good stuff! What’s on the horizon for you then?

FHR: We have a brand new full-length coming this fall, and the second track (after Day by Day) is due out in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for it! 🙂


FS: We’ve seen pictures of you and your horn literally everywhere! What’s your story behind your ‘bromance’ with the instrument?

FHR: Well, I’ve been playing horn since I was about seven years old, it’s a very big part of who I am. When I take a picture of the horn, I kind of think of it as almost a picture of myself. Since I travel so much with the band, I want to keep a photo history of where we’ve been, so instead of taking selfies, I’ve just been taking photos of my horn.

Also, it’s just kind of funny to see a French horn in places it’s not supposed to be!

FS: Absolutely adorable. Would your rather be by a beach, or in the middle of a densely packed city when playing out?

FHR: Definitely would rather do a show in a densely packed city, although beach parties are fun!

FS: Lastly, can you tell us 3 songs that have caught your attention recently?

FHR: Anderson .Paak – Your Prime

Violet Sands – Modern Ruins (Jamz Remix)

Case/Lang/Veirs – Delirium

FS: We definitely like that Anderson .Paak track for sure! Thank you French Horn Rebellion for chatting with us today. You can check out their social medias below:

French Horn Rebellion