Boys Noize’s “Midnight” Is Demolished By Illusive Producer, Fastback

Boys Noize’s captivating new album, Mayday, was a class above everything else he had released prior to his first album, Oi Oi Oi. Euphoria, Overthrow and 2Live all seemed to capture the electronic essence that the Berliner could muster up. However, there was a track on the album that was shrouded in neglect when first released.

Midnight was something quite different indeed. It included some rave-like sounds, along with a sort of ‘countdown’ all the way through the track. This is where French producer, Fastback comes in though, known for his similarities to SebastiAn’s creations and brash music.

It really is a full on electro episode from the Frenchman, going all out for the mind-bending six minutes it lasts. Oh and it’s also a free download! Did we forget to mention that?



Boys Noize



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