The Phantom’s Revenge Debuts His “Slices Number One” EP

One release that may of slipped under your radar is The Phantom Revenge’s Slices Number One EP, rammed full of gooey and French House goodness. Better yet, it even features tracks from his alias, DJ DVD RIP.

The EP itself however is kind of ‘separated’ into two parts. On one hand, you have the Vine Loop tracks, all sounding particularly like filter house, whilst the Club Shaped Romance¬†tracks opt for an R&B approach.

Vine Loop #1 and #2 are blissful French House hits, taken from various snippets of Vines that the Phantom has posted on his Vine account. We absolutely adore Club Shaped Romance #2, however, #1 in our opinion is one of the ‘weaker’ releases on the EP. But we still love it!

Pick up your copy on Bandcamp, or stream it below:

The Phantom’s Revenge