Caspian’s Island Tell Us About Festivals, Staying Label-less and More

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Caspian’s Island are an indie-electronic band, similar to the likes of other bands like Tame Impala, originating from the depths of London. Consisting of band members Ken SB, Percy Jr Cobbinah, Joshua Amanquah and Felice Ceccarelli, they strive to create some of the deepest, yet ambiguously complex music they possibly can.

Talking to us today, are Ken SB, (KB) Percy (JC) and Joshua. (JA)


FS: Hey all! Today we’ve got London-based band, Caspian’s Island chatting to us about a multitude of different things. We’re just as excited as they are to get down to business.

So seeing as this is one of your first proper interviews, tell us about yourselves?

KB: WELCOME, to Caspian’s Island. Everyone can visit the island, your imagination is your passport, the music is your transport. It’s where you can escape to from problems, reality, stress etc. However you want it, it is. Caspian’s Island is made up of Ken SB (vocals, synth, guitar), Percy Jr (bass, synth), Felice Ceccarelli (Guitar) and Joshua Amanquah (drums) and we hail from London. We bring you electro-psychedelic rock from outer space.

FS: Do you do this as a full-time thing, or a part-time affair?

JA: I feel like it’s almost fulltime in the sense that every member of the band is always thinking of and/or working on something but really I’m just a poor, full-time student.

JC: Part-time for me, but if I don’t get into uni… I’ll be permanently on holiday on the Island.

FS: We definitely feel for you here. We wish you all the best in your educational pursuits!

You were recently voted into playing Truck Festival (we voted!) by fans and music lovers alike, how does it feel to be sharing the stage with some absolutely massive bands?

JC: It’s mad, I remember watching a ton of bands I love last year on the same stage! Weird to think this time last year I was picking up litter at Truck and now we’re playing it.

KB: Yeah, it is pretty mental. Came as the biggest surprise when we were asked to play the second biggest stage.

JA: I would happily live at Truck Festival happily ever after.

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FS: Say for example, you had the chance to sign to a label, would you sign to one, or stay label-less? What label would you LOVE to sign to if so?

JA: I think labels provide a voice for underground bands that deserve attention, but I REALLY respect artists that manage to gain a solid fan base without the assistance of a label.

JC: For me, the dream would be Rough Trade, Dirty Hit or XL. Label-less would be cool though, “making it” while remaining completely DIY would be an incredible achievement in the music industry of today.

KB: Not too bothered about signing, I’m a very DIY kinda person so I want to see how far we can get without a label. However if we were to sign to XL Recordings and get that jacket, I would know we’d made it.

FS: You’re not the only person that wants the XL jacket! The money we’d pay for that…

I stalked your Soundcloud and found that you follow the likes of Rustie and Lone, do you like experimental music?

KB: Yeah, I like a lot of synth heavy music among a bunch of other genres, which have interesting chord progressions. This is why artists like Toro Y Moi, Iglooghost, Neon Indian, Clarence Clarity, Uncle Skeleton, George Clanton, Glass Animals, LA Priest appeal to me so much.

FS: We’re big fans of IGLOOGHOST and Neon Indian over here! There’s just something about the unique sounds they produce, you know?

How is your music put together, DAW? Another method?

KB: Completely through my laptop or iMac in my bedroom. I don’t feel comfortable recording creatively anywhere else. I use Logic most of the time, sometimes Ableton.

Surya gig 1

FS: Are you all somewhat ‘dissatisfied’ with the fact that England didn’t beat Iceland?

JC: YES, was at a Mac Demarco gig while we played and the mood was a bit dampened due to the fact that our national team and manager were shit.

KB: Stopped watching football cos I can’t take losing.

JA: Viva(?) Portugal

FS: Where would be your dream venue to play live, that isn’t in the UK?

KB: I don’t know if you could call it a venue but doing a KEXP session has always been on my bucket list.

JA: Would love to experience the vibe at huge foreign festivals i.e. Coachella, Primavera Sound.

JC: Paradiso in Amsterdam, Seattle’s Paramount Theatre or Madison Square Garden as the big one.

FS: Lastly, anything you’d like to say to the people who have supported you?

KB: Those who show us genuine support from the beginning will have benefits later. DON’T BE A BANDWAGON JUMPER.

JC: Cheers for choosing to spend your holiday on the Island. It’s gonna get a lot more sunny, give it time.

JA: Gracias. I love you more than you know.

FS: And that’s all folks! Make sure to check out Caspian’s Island’s latest track, “You Said” down below and give their social media platforms some love!

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