Solidisco Inform Us About Their Latest Single “Summer Heat”, Producing On Fools Gold And More


Solidisco, are the ‘hippest House duo to jump onto our radar for quite some time, racking up features on the likes of Fools Gold, Ultra and more.

After being active on the scene for more than five years now, they still continuously strive to create some of the most top-notch music for everyone to enjoy!


FS: What’s up everyone! We’ve got a little interview with Solidisco, covering their new single “Summer Heat” (we’re definitely feeling it over in the UK at the moment) and many other subjects as we go along! Speaking of your new single, how did you come up with such a catchy track?

S: In NY it’s crazy hot right now too, so the timing is really perfect for us weather wise, haha.  Glad you dig it!  “Summer Heat” was heavily influenced on 90s freestyle records. We’ve been trying to find a way to bring that sound back to modern dance music for a while now. Definitely one of our favorite genres.

FS: We can see the 90s influences in this track for sure! Can you talk us through the production processes behind this song?

S: We really just spent a lot of time listening to old freestyle records, trying to figure out what makes their basslines and chords so “summery”. Although to us, the real shining star of this track is the amazing writing & vocals by Cara & Suzy.

FS: Now, you had a few tracks out on Fools Gold a while ago. What was it like producing for such a ‘powerhouse’ of a label?

S: It was cool to be a part of that movement for a while. Can’t really go more than a block in New York without seeing a Fool’s Gold sticker on something. A-Trak was the first big DJ to play one of our records, so that was a huge stepping stone for us. As a label, lately they went more of a trap/hip-hop direction, but a bunch of our homies like Brenmar are working with them now and we love all of A-Trak’s new stuff he’s been putting out lately.

FS: Speaking of labels, you’ve been featured on many of them over the years. What’s your favourite label that you’ve ever produced for?

S: Would have to say Ultra here. They really fought for us to get clearance on all the samples we used in our EP with them. I don’t think “Top of The World” would have ever came out if they didn’t fight so hard for it.

FS: Ah yes, Top Of The World. We’ve loved that track for longer than we can think! You create a very ‘polished’ version of Disco House and we love it. What makes it different from any of the different House genres such as French House?

S: We really don’t think of ourselves as ‘Disco House’ producers anymore really. I know it’s been said to death but now-a-days every song is a mix of at least 2 or 3 different genres. It’s definitely true for us right now. Summer Heat is very pop/freestyle. Our last track Motion, was very 80s/house and we have a remix coming out in a few weeks that’s more big room/tropical-y. We don’t have a fancy sub-genre hashtag name for what we make but we think anything feel-good and positive (which really was what disco as a genre started out to achieve) can fall under the Solidisco brand umbrella.

FS: Is there a genre of music that you’d love to experiment with someday?

S: Definitely have been looking into making some slower music lately. There’s a lot more groove oriented things you can do at slower tempos that just isn’t possible in the 120’s BPM wise.

FS: Lastly, can you name three of your favourite Disco jams?

S: This is a tough one. We feel bad naming 3 favourites because there are so many that deserve it. We’ll give you 3 tracks that heavily influenced Summer Heat instead to make it fair.

Debbie Deb – When I Hear The Music

Freeez – I O U

Jaya – If You Leave Me Now

FS: We’re definitely feeling a rush of nostalgia as we delve into these retro classics! We can’t thank Solidisco enough for talking to us today, check out their social medias below if you’re interested in finding out more about them.