Best Remixes of DJ Mehdi

The late and great DJ Mehdi, had produced many a remix until his tragic passing in 2011, covering some of the hottest artists at the time, including Cassius and Katy Perry, even featuring on Perry’s Firework promo 12″ record.

This article will highlight some of Mehdi’s finest reworks, along with a few edits from the man himself.

Eli Escobar – Love Thing Pt.2

We start with a hidden gem, released in 2012 on Plant Music’s Love Me compilation album. Although the track was released a year after his passing, we can only assume that this track was a remix that was never released, but got the chance to shine a year later.

Notable appearances include the Holy Ship! 2015 recap video from Nest HQ and many other instances.

Cassius – Feeling For You

Remixing this track under his Cambridge Circus alias, Mehdi produces one of the finest remixes of Cassius that we’ve heard to date. That or Skream’s remix of I <3 U So, which is intentionally Drum & Bass, so that doesn’t count in this case…

Miike Snow – Burial

Miike Snow’s floaty instrumentation and niche musical influences seem to go hand in hand with their first album. “Paddling Out” especially was a sleeper hit, captivating audiences across the world and giving people their fair share of Miike Snow.

Who would be perfect to remix them however? DJ Mehdi of course. This remix by Mehdi is linear and speaks volumes about what the French electronic lovechild can conjure up.

Etienne De Crécy – Out Of My Hands

French House meets DJ Mehdi with this next remix, with a superb rework of Etienne De Crécy’s “Out Of My Hands“, off his album “Tempovision” released in 2000. It’s Mehdi and De Crécy in perfect harmony… What more could you want?

Busy P – To Protect And Entertain (feat. Murs)

Coincidentally for our last entry, we have yet again, Busy P’s “To Protect And Entertain” which was covered in our last remixes article based on Crookers.

The remix Crookers managed to create, however, was bold and brash and hit us where it hurt, while this mix by Mehdi is a lot more mellow, but focuses on the rap side of things compared to Crookers. It’s still a banger.

What’s your favorite DJ Mehdi remix?



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