Was A New Justice Track Played By Busy P At Sónar Recently?

Well everyone, it’s time to fuel the hype train once more. Busy P, Boston Bun, and Para One recently played at Sónar this year, and the trio delivered quite a neat set from what we’ve heard.

What’s got people talking, however, is the group’s opening track, with many speculating that the single is indeed a new Justice track hot off the press. At this moment, we don’t know about the track’s legitimacy, but we’re all hoping that it is genuine, as we’ve been waiting five long years for a release from the Frenchmen.

UPDATE: Here is a timeline of what we’ve found throughout the day:

  1. We posted our article about a supposed Justice track played at Sonár by Busy P, Para One and Boston Bun.
  2. A Redditor by the name of “Ronny_t34” shares an image of “Safe and Sound” by Justice on Shazam.
  3. The supposed cover of the single is unearthed from Shazam’s code on their website:Justice - Safe and Sound
  4. A rip of the track from the DJ set at Sonár, is uploaded by YouTube user, “banger.”
  5. According to Redditor “Le_Daft_Knight,” the sample for Safe and Sound could be from C’hantal’s The Realm.
  6. TSUGI Mag uploads a picture to Twitter, hinting at Pedro Winter’s monthly Top 10 List in their magazine.
  7. Pedro Winter has also liked the image on Twitter:

Pedro Winter