Thomas Bangalter Daydreams With Stanley Kubrick in London Museum Exhibit

Thomas Bangalter has been tapped as one of the numerous contributors to the Somerset House’s art exhibition on iconic film director Stanley Kubrick entitled Daydreaming With Stanley Kubrick.  According to Somerset House’s website, the participating artists were encouraged to “respond to a film, scene, character or theme from the Kubrick archives, shining new perspectives onto the cinematic master’s lifework.”  Additional contributors confirmed for the project include electronic musician Carl Craig and Jarvis Cocker of Pulp.

While Thomas’ specific involvement has been un-confirmed, confirmed pieces include a public pay phone bathed in a luminous glow from Dr. Strangelove and a phallic sculpture suggestive of the iconic murder weapon in A Clockwork Orange.  It is likely that Thomas’ work will likely fall into the portion of the exhibition that is curated by James Lavelle of UNKLE, who is “collaborating with contemporary musicians and composers to produce a soundtrack to some installations creating a multi-disciplinary experience for the visitor.”

A member of Daft Punk putting their efforts towards a project around Kubrick is no surprise considering the numerous allusions to 2001: A Space Odyssey in the group’s work over the years.  Interstella 5555: A 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, Daft Punk’s fully animated rendition of their 2001 classic Discovery, features numerous scenes that were lifted from the 1968 film such as the psychedelic wormhole that opens the film and the space walk scene during Digital Love.  Further suggesting Daft Punk’s infatuation with Kubrick, following the release of their track Contact in 2013 fans discovered that the song synced up with a portion of Kubrick’s film.

Check out the mashup below, and let us know if you check out the exhibit!




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