Human Life – Don’t Fade Away (Shook Remix)

Though Vulture Music somewhat disappeared from the public eye over the past few years, a number of the label’s releases, such as Intro by Alan Braxe & Fred Falke and In Love With You by The Paradise, still hold special places in our music collection. One Vulture Music release, however, stands out amongst them all – and surprisingly, it’s a remix.

Produced by California native, Human Life, Don’t Fade Away is a remarkably expressive affair, with sentimental sounds and catchy vocals leading the way. While the original single certainly holds its own, it is Shook’s remix that impresses us the most. In a light, fluffy rework, Shook provides something that few artists manage to create – a funky medley of refined noises and artifacts.

Tune into Don’t Fade Away (Shook Remix) below and download it here, and if you enjoy the track, check out Shook’s Milestones too.




Human Life