Feel The Nostalgia With Roger Sanchez’s “Another Chance”

It’s 2001. Daft Punk release their second studio album Discovery, to critical acclaim. Modjo, come out with their stellar French House track, Lady (Hear Me Tonight). But for some reason, a lot of people have forgotten about this gem of a track.

Currently under the Strictly Rhythm collective, Roger Sanchez is a US-based house producer, known for his many awards that he has obtained throughout his musical career and his Grammy award-winning remix of No Doubt’s Hella Good. His track, Another Chance, though, is on an entirely different level, in our opinion, compared to any of his other work.

With a very distinctive vocal sample from I Won’t Hold You Back by Toto, which has been utilized extremely well, Sanchez creates one of the most fluid and freshest house tracks for years to come.

Roger Sanchez