Fibre Teams Up with Aritus in “Odyssey”

Popularized by French musicians in the late 1990s and early 2000s, french house quickly became a cornerstone genre, emerging in clubs and venues worldwide. Although the musical style has maintained its presence over the years, an influx of new genres – mostly in the EDM classification – have put a damper on the beautiful sounds of upbeat disco-funk.

Luckily, Romanian mainstay, Fibre, is here to revitalize the thrilling flavor of the music that was ever so popular 20 years ago, with new single, Odyssey. Out now via Boston-based collective, Future SocietyOdyssey is the latest and greatest from the eastern European producer, which sees him lay down some breathtaking sounds alongside partner-in-crime, Aritus.

Like Daft Punk, DJ Falcon, 95 Royale, or L’Étranger? Then, you’ll surely dig this one.

Stream Odyssey below and download the single here.





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