Relive the Magic of Justice’s “DVNO” Music Video

“It’s always the same, always ashamed story telling, when I can’t come in to a hopeless troglodyte. But, one more time my answer stands I swear I mean no offense, but you better learn to read. It’s all about membership.”

Remember these iconic lyrics from Scenario Rock frontman, Mehdi Pinson, also known as DVNO? If not, these were the words popularized in Justice’s 2007 release, DVNO, which featured on the French group’s debut album, Cross.

What’s interesting about the single isn’t entirely based around its musical production – the smash hit also came with an eclectic, 80s-inspired music video, directed by Ed Banger’s So Me and two other talented producers, Yorgo Tloupas and Machine Molle.

With Pinson’s lyrics guiding inspiration, the music video illustrates the powerful vocals with animated logos and free-flowing sound effects, making for an interesting concept.

Did we mention the single has a piano-driven, alternate ending? That’s right. Watch Justice’s DVNO music video below and download the Cross LP here.