5 Of The Best Remixes By Gesaffelstein

Known for his sinister noises and shadowy rinse of electronic music, the dark prince of techno, Gesaffelstein, brings a different sound and style to Bromance Records, with a unique distinction from his label mates. If you like the sounds of rough industrial techno, then look no further – these five remixes below are just for you.

Phoenix – Bankrupt!

Bankrupt (Gesaffelstein Remix) delivers different energy than many of the remixes featured in this list. With thought-provoking sounds and frequent tension, this stunning remix brings Phoenix’s lyrics alongside overwhelmingly haunting vibes – just for our liking. Tune in here:

ZZT – ZZafrika

We turn up the tempo to 11 now, with Gesaffelstein’s remix of ZZafrika, which appears on one of his original labels, Turbo Recordings. This release is reminiscent of his trademark sound, instantaneously launching listeners into a hard-hitting techno anthem. Download it here.

The Hacker – Shockwave

For video game fanatics (specifically, Grand Theft Auto V), Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix) is no stranger. You’ve probably heard this track on repeat and know how robust the techno release is.

For those who haven’t heard the Belgian producer’s remix, no sweat. Taking on French musician, The Hacker, and his amazing track, Shockwave, Gesaffelstein injects the original with heavy basses and glorified build-ups, to say the least. What more could you ask for? Download it here.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

Lana Del Rey, who is internationally recognized for her immersive vocals and sensational leads, also received remix treatment from Gesaffelstein. No words can truly describe the nature of his work, so listen in below and download the track here.

Justice – Helix

Lastly, we round off this selection with a remix featured on Justice’s Helix EP, characteristically featuring Justice’s electro prowess and Gesaffelstein’s techno expertise. This is one you can’t afford to miss. Check it out below and download the remix.

What other Gesaffelstein remixes do you like?