Check Out Digitalism’s Latest Boiler Room Set in Berlin

On April 6th, Breakbot, Digitalism, and several other well-known artists played out Boiler Room sets in the busy and bustling city of Berlin for a release party based around the new Audi Q2.

Breakbot’s set was as captivating and as retro as it could get, with brilliant tracks, such as Redinho’s remix of Get Lost, Neddy Smith’s Give It Up, and Evelyn Champagne Kings’s Love Come Down, featuring.

Digitalism’s set shortly followed up and stood out among the rest, dishing out glistening sounds and superb guitar riffs with opening track and new single, Utopia. What’s more interesting is Digitalism’s fusion of Daft Punk’s Revolution 909 with Tiga’s brand-spanking new remix of Make Me Fall In Love – hands down, a 10/10.

Watch below as Digitalism entices listeners with his glorious sounds – you won’t regret it.




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