Label Shoutout: Ekler’o’shock Records

What is Ekler’o’shock Records?

Founded in Paris in 2002, Ekler’o’shock Records is an independent music label, artist management firm, and publishing house. The French recording label currently boasts a number of talented artists, including Data, Alexandre Chatelard, Limousine, and many more. Previously, enigmatic producer, DANGER, featured on Ekler’o’shock’s roster. Learn more here.

Notable Releases

Ekler’o’shock Records is one of the first recording labels to blend both electronic music and indie pop in a functional space, with artists, like Marie Madeleine, Alexandre Chatelard, and Triomphe, paving the way. Supported by the growing french electro scene in the early-mid 2000s, Data and DANGER helped the publishing house grow into an internationally recognized entity, and rightfully so.

Though Ekler’o’shock has seen a number of artists come and go over the years, the label’s sound and production quality has consistently impressed. To be honest, Data’s Skywriter LP and DANGER’s 9/17/2007 EP were the releases that had the biggest impacts on our musical tastes, with the artist’s distorted bass lines and neonized synths casting a spell on us. From there, we were hooked.

Let’s not forget Paris’s In Crowded Subways EP or Triomphe’s Pavane EP – both were equally spectacular, enticing listeners with alternative, electro-pop vibes.

So, what’s next for Ekler’o’shock? Well, the label’s Alexandre Chatelard just released his new album, which can be downloaded here. For more information, visit the record label’s website here.

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