5 of The Best Remixes of Tame Impala

How can you not like Tame Impala? We can understand if you’re one for the grittier sounds in music, but Kevin Parker’s psychedelic rock group have a tremendous amount of talent up their sleeve. But, what’s the story when other musicians remix their work? Spoiler: It’s pretty damn great.

Let It Happen (Soulwax Remix)

We’ll start off with a track that we’ve already covered quite recently. Soulwax are no stranger to the odd remix now and then, dazzling us with their take on LCD Soundsystem’s You Wanted A Hit and Jungle’s Julia. This track however, stands out from the crowd, making the once petrifying and beautiful track that was Let It Happen, spring into another dimension.

Be Above It (Erol Alkan Rework)

Not exactly a remix as per such this time, but an entirely different reworking of Be Above It by Phantasy Sound’s boss, Erol Alkan. He does a great job on putting his somewhat rough and intricate spin on Lonerism’s opening track.

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Memory Tapes Remix)

Chilled. Just the way we like it. American producer, Memory Tapes, delights us with this triumphant piece of work, with its light bass lines and its amazing guitar riff halfway through. It’s definitely not one to miss.

Nangs (Rambo V Remix)

Quite possibly one of our favourite remixes of Tame Impala is Rambo V’s take on the short, but wonderful track, Nangs. You can definitely hear the 808s in this one, giving the track an even trippier feel to what it originally felt like. Bravo, Rambo V. Bravo.

Let It Happen (Good Night Keaton Remix)

Hands up, if you think that Tame Impala’s music couldn’t be remixed into a house track? Well guess what? It has and pretty damn well if we say so ourselves. Introducing Good Night Keaton, an LA-based producer lucky enough to bring us this smooth track. It’s also a free download too!

What are your favourite Tame Impala remixes? Make sure to tell us!

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