Moveltraxx’s Big Dope P Talks Labels, His Work With Feadz and More


Big Dope P has been producing for quite some time now, racking up appearances on many artists labels and remixing some extremely big names in return. His label, Moveltraxx, has enjoyed moderate success in the electronic and hip hop community, with a whopping amount of releases on deck, since its founding in 2007.


FS: Hello all! Today we’ve got a little interview with French artist, Big Dope P! So, I understand that you’ve worked with many a record label throughout your career. What label was your favourite to work/contribute to and why?

BDP: When it comes to my original productions, I didn’t actually release on many labels, but I did with my remixes, that’s right. I can’t name one in particular, but the ones I’ve been the most proud of to make and release were the ones for Basement Jaxx (PIAS), Duck Sauce (Fools Gold), Feadz (Ed Banger), Nick Hook & Todd Edwards (Ninja Tune) I think.

FS: A nice and varied selection of artists there that you’ve remixed! Now, your label Moveltraxx. How did it come about? What was your first release on there?

BDP: The first release came out in January 2007 and it was a various artist vinyl EP called Da MoveIt Posse Episode 1. It was the first time I used the Big Dope P name on a record. As I wasn’t legal back then (17), I founded the label with older friends of mine who shared my passion for rap and electronic music, as the project was making and releasing forward thinking music with hip-hop & house elements in it.

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FS: What other labels should we keep an eye on?

BDP: Lately I’ve been impressed by what’s coming from Local Action, Heka Trax, Activia Benz, Trekkie Trax and Astral Black.

FS: Your latest release was a remix of Bossy Love’s Want Some, can you talk us through the production process of how you remixed this track?

BDP: I rarely get the opportunity to remix tracks with real singers. However, that’s something I love to work with. I built the instrumental around acapellas, using samples, collages from the original & other records, plus some vintage synths I recorded a while back in Paris. Then, I threw everything in my MPC like usual.

FS: Make sure to check out that remix down at the bottom of the article! Speaking of remixes, do you have any on the horizon?

BDP: Next ones coming out are Tommy Trash & Anna Lunoe for Fools Gold coming out early April, one for Tiga & Pusha T, another one for Mighty Mark, Dudley Slang, something for G.O.O.D music and more I can’t talk about yet but I’ll definitely release a lot of music this year, both remixes and originals.

FS: We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year! Lastly, any chance you’ll get to work with Feadz again? Or any of the Ed Banger label for that matter…

BDP: Of course yes, we have several new tracks together about to be finished so it’s definitely coming out this year, maybe on his record, maybe on mine or maybe even together. I’m not sure yet.

FS: We do love a bit of music from Feadz here, so we’ll keep our eyes on that one for sure. Thank you to Big Dope P for the interview! Make sure to check out his social medias and his latest remix down below.

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