7 Must-Hear Producers, As Chosen by French Electro Artist, À Tous

Since 2012, American producer, À Tous, has continuously delivered miraculous installments of electro and disco, with a number of releases across So French Records, Gigabeat Records, Golden Needle Records, and Dirty Korner Recordings. Now, the French electro talent has chimed in to give us a list of his favorite producers at the moment.

Tune in below as the heavy disco fanatic details seven hand-picked, must-hear producers:


Were you surprised to see this as my first pick? I hope not. The Belgian maestro is a musical genius. His classically-inspired,  club mixes will be the death of me because I can do nothing, but listen over and over and over and over again. Tous Les Mêmes, Carmen, and Ta Fête are my favorites.


Where did he even come from! Seriously, the guy burst onto the scene with his piano-driven, electro anthems, and I can’t get enough of them. Cléopatre and J’me Casse are must-hears!


This is one producer that I never stopped listening to. It was probably 2009 when I first tuned into him, when he had just released Look Ma, No Pants! on Plasmapool. His combination of funk and breaks is super unique – something I haven’t really heard anywhere else.


Hands down, one of the best electronic music groups at the moment. They’ve managed to take their inspiration (Ed Banger crew) and completely refashion their style, without mimicking it one bit.

Miami Horror

Then, there was Miami Horror. Amidst the 80s vibes and electro-pop rhythms, the Australian quartet must have cast a spell on me. Very cool, laid-back sounds coming from the Melbourne-based group.

Ricco Harver

Similar to Pride, Ricco Harver came out of nowhere, with his magical synths, distorted bass lines, and eclectic melodies. He’s versatile and naturally talented. Must-hears are Kindercut (Ricco Harver Edit) and Aaron (Ricco Harver Remix).


The first thing I heard from Reznyck was his heavy-hitting single, Rightfull Hate, and man, was I blown away. I’ve never liked retro electro/outrun so much!

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