Besnine Drops New ¡MAYDAY! Remix

It’s no lie that Parisian act, Besnine, is full of talent. Just listen to one of the Frenchman’s most recent works, A New Era, which features a fusion of guitar solos, electro rock accents, and funky rhythms. Now, the French producer has returned, and in stellar fashion, with a brand new remix.

Kicking off the year with a rework of American hip hop group, ¡MAYDAY!, and their track, Shortcuts And Dead Ends, Besnine does well to transform the piano-driven, rap soundtrack into an energetic, indie dance jam. Below, the Paris native talks about his motivation for the remix:

“I started to work on this remix when I arrived in Las Vegas,” Besnine says. “The atmosphere was strange, kinda paradoxal, very joyful and deeply sad and tormented at the same time, and I felt the same about the lyrics and the melody of this track. So, I tried to be inspired by what was surrounding me and I think we can feel it in this remix.”

The free release certainly blends a number of sentiments, taking listeners on a progressive journey in sound, and we love it. Crank up the volume and stream ¡MAYDAY! – Shortcuts And Dead Ends (Besnine Remix) below: