Bolier Talks About His New Track, Live Venues And His Favourite Release


Bolier was an extremely successful figure in the trance music scene, once hitting #68 in the DJMag rankings, before turning his hand to house music, where he resides making some sweet tunes on the Spinnin’ Deep label. His new track, Riverbank, featuring Mingue on vocals is an organic-sounding masterpiece. (which is out now if you didn’t know!)


FS: What’s up everyone? Today we have an interview with Bolier, residing on the Spinnin’ Deep section of Spinnin’ Records. So tell me, do you think there is a “tight-knit” relationship behind all the artists at Spinnin’?

B: When you are on the same label, it’s easier to run into each other outside of the regular gig encounters (in a more relaxed vibe, like when you run into each other at the office and thus get to know each other more and find out if you think the other artist is a nice person or not) so maybe if you see it like that, yes. There’s quite a few artists on Spinnin’ Records I get along with very well, I don’t really know if there’s a correlation here though!

FS: An interesting insight there about the label! If you wasn’t making deep house, what genre of music would you rather create and why?

B: Oh, I am not bound by genres to be honest. It’s just that, right now, I am into those organic vibes and people seem to dig it big time! I have done quite a few genres in the past to be honest and who knows what the future brings… Might tap into some melodic techno, stuff people like Guy J and Maceo Plex are doing right now.

FS: Let’s talk about your new track then, Riverbank is a stylish and modern-sounding track, featuring Mingue on vocals. How did this opportunity come around?

B: Our mutual publisher sent me a few demos by Mingue, and in one demo in particular I really heard a possible great track – which was ‘Riverbank’. I contacted the Spinnin’ Records A&R manager and showed him the vocals – and he said: go for it, which I did. I created the arrangement and beats and additional sounds / production, and then with this little guitar topline playing on the drops, I went to this old-school legendary Dutch pop producer who re-recorded those for me – and that sealed the deal: ‘Riverbank’ was born.

FS: If anyone could remix this track however, who would it be?

B: Loving what Jack Ü/Major Lazer are doing at the moment!

FS: I agree, Major Lazer’s latest album was superb! What would be your favourite release that you’ve made, besides Riverbank?

B: Hard to choose really, from the releases I did last year, I’d choose Every Single Piece and Forever And A Day, because that last one is something else production wise.

FS: I’m assuming you’ve played many venues across the world, what was your favourite place to play and why?

B: Too many to mention really. Really love the IEC in Kiev, Ukraine! Massive venue, craaaaazy crazy crowd, playing there quite a few times.

FS: Lastly, do you have any advice for anyone wanting to enter the world of electronic music?

B: Make great music, make it heard, be honest to yourself whether stuff is actually good or not, and take it from there. Never stop learning, too.

FS: Some inspirational words there! Thanks to Bolier for taking the time to talk to us. You can check out his social medias and his new track, Riverbank, below:

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