Bromance Presents: Homieland Vol. 2

In what was an improvement on the first iteration of their Homieland series, Bromance Records have pulled it out of the bag with some riveting techno, alongside some electrical bangers.

Tracks from Panteros666 and Myd, make up most of the club-oriented tunes on the LP, while additions from The Blaze and 8tm give the “chill factor” on the LP – which is something quite rare and unusual on the high-caliber image that Bromance divulges itself in.

It wouldn’t be Bromance without a bit of hip-hop though would it? Including tracks by the likes of Haitian-born/bred, Jeff Chery, as well as Sam Tiba’s interesting take on Japanese rapper, KOHH’s track.

Check out the compilations minimix below:

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