Label Shoutout: Cerise Records

Who is Cerise Records?

Resurrecting the talent and splendour that the Crydamoure label had, Cerise Records seeks to revitalise the French House genre in a way that’s never been imagined. Founded in 2015 by Mere and Funktimizer, Cerises’s releases are benevolent, spanning over 10 different EP’s already, with many more hip and groovy sounds on the horizon.

Notable Releases


The first EP that came out of Cerise’s doors was Mélonade’s Lazy Summer, which is a kosher first release in our opinion, with the swift and funky beats from Nothing On T.V making this an EP to remember.

Mere’s Gravity EP was one hell of a blast to listen to, including an original mix of the track along with a raw instrumental. It’s En Vol that stood out to us though, incorporating some smooth basslines, as well as sneaking in a particularly neat trumpet riff.

Ordemporauge’s EP is what french house is really about though. Thumping bass lines, kickin’ drums, and technological beats make up the latter of this EP, with the track Disco Kids having more of a niche feel to it, compared to the other tracks.

Being almost two times as longer as all the other releases on the label, Mélonade and Funktimizer throw it down with their “Memory Collective”, with such tracks as Mélonade’s Time Well Spent summarizing our time with the album.

Cerise Records