10 Producer Picks from Synthwave Specialist, Waveshaper

Earlier this week, Dutch group, Keljet, gave us a list of their favorite artists who are up and coming in the contemporary music scene. Now, synthwave specialist, Waveshaper, is here with his brilliant producer picks who are all currently active in the synthwave scene. Think you’re ready? Tune in below.

Mitch Murder

Creator of the Kung Fury theme, True Survivor, and legend in the scene – Mitch Murder probably has the best synthwave sounds out there. He has an ability to create fantastic soundscapes and incredible drum works. Vince DiCola model 101. Needs no further presentation.



Master of outrun, Lazerhawk, is one of the pioneers in the synthwave scene. He has just announced a new album to be released this year. His past 3 albums have had various styles, including outrun, space disco, and darker synthwave, so it’ll be interesting to hear what’s to come.

Irving Force

Mad Max meet John Carpenter – Irving Force has a background in metal music and his sounds reflect that vibe. He uses interesting gritty FM-style guitar synthesizers with captive melodies. Also, check out his rad music video for The Violence Supressor.

Robert Parker

Wall street synth disco – Robert Parker has quickly become great, in terms of sound and music production skills. He’s currently working on a new album – 80s style mixed with french club influences. Definitely something to look out for in the near future. Robert is also a close friend of mine; we met during our first “synthwave year” in 2013.

Tommy 86

Lush synths in space – Tommy 86 has a disco vibe mixed with fantastic lush synth pads. Chord progressions that dare to stick out from the traditional.


A younger version of Daft PunkShyguys is a duo that unfortunately has produced too few tracks. But, the ones that exist are golden. I know that they’re working on more material, and I hope to hear something new this year.

VHS Glitch

Our last hope is inside a VCR – VHS Glitch has a very cinematic sound and would be an awesome composer for a modern horror movie. He has produced several releases with various themes lately – high production value here.

Dream Fiend

Hi-hats of gold – Dream Fiend has recently become a new favorite in the synthwave genre. His disco vibes remind me of a crossover between Justice and Sebastien Tellier.

Bachelor of Hearts

“Tequila at the pool” – Bachelor of Hearts creates chill vibes that you would like to hear at the beach. Very skilled drum works mixed with deep bass and intelligent melodies.

VHS Dreams

Retro dance vibes – VHS Dreams released his album, Trans Am, not too long ago. It’s a modern, fresh sound that works very well in the club. He also has a background in dance-oriented music, and that mixed with retro elements is a good combination.