Charlie Puth & Kehlani – Hotline Bling (Coucheron Remix)

Drake’s Hotline Bling has been a mainstay in contemporary music since its inception during July of 2015. A remarkable quasi-cover of D.R.A.M.’s Cha Cha, the track has received a good deal of recognition from artists and musicians all over the world, and the hip hop release has even been a source of inspiration for American singer-songwriters, Charlie Puth & Kehlani.

Putting their own spin on the Canadian rapper’s smash hit, the trendy duo injected a bit of traditional flavor on the chart-topping song, creating a melodic piano rendition with luscious supporting vocals. While the pair’s interpretation of Hotline Bling was easily one of the most impressive covers of the year, it luckily received a rework from Norwegian producer, Coucheron.

With delicate pianos, bouncing drums, cheery synths, and vocal support from Puth and Kehlani, Coucheron’s remix brings the Drake original to a whole new level – we can’t get enough of it! Check it out below and listen to some of Coucheron’s other work too.