A Few Words With… LVTHER


Blending Indie Dance and Nu Disco together is no easy feat, but LVTHER manages to do it very well! With tracks like One Look and Dots, he’s one hot, sizzling artist to look out for on the Monstercat label!


FS: Hey all! Today we’ve got LVTHER with us for a quick interview! So tell me, you’ve been a part of the Monstercat family for a while now, what’s it like producing for such a powerhouse of a label?

L: Yeah I guess I have, which is weird to think! It’s almost a little strange using the term ‘record label’ for Monstercat due to how unconventional and unique they are. It’s more of a community that I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of from the beginning. I, along with many other musicians and producers, have developed and grown with Monstercat over the years, so it’s always humbling to have a release on the platform that has supported me as a musician for so long.

FS: Are there any other labels you’d like to contribute to?

L: Truth be told I never make music with a specific label in mind. Familiarity aside, I’m also drawn to Monstercat’s diversity and acceptance of the direction that I’m going in. I think both of them things are key. So, although I don’t have a label in mind I’m always open to the possibility! It’s worth mentioning that I have a remix coming out on another label by the end of the year…

FS: Your new track is very Indie Dance influenced and we love it! What’s the story behind Dots?

L: Thank you very much! From my point of view I wanted something to follow up my first single One Look that held the same Indie-Dance aesthetic but from a more conventional song based structure. I wanted this release to be a gateway to my future releases so that they make more sense in terms of how they’re structured and how they’re communicated.

The instrumental to Dots ended up being the most appropriate, so I just needed a vocal to set it in stone as my next release. Since my first single I sort of fell in love with the music coming out of Sydney after hearing Mammals’ original stuff and doing further research. It wasn’t long until I stumbled across Jenny Broke the Window and immediately reached out to them. The vocalist of the band, Sam, replied right away and was keen on working on the track. We understood each other from the get-go and it was an absolute breeze working with him. I think it worked well because I wanted something somewhat nostalgic to my first release, and Sam also wrote a vocal that had a hook filled with a whole different kind of nostalgia that many can relate to.

FS: Interesting to hear! Do you have any other plans to release any more music soon?

L: Hell yes.

FS: We’ll definitely be looking forward to that then as Dots is an absolutely amazing tune! What’s your favourite artist on the Monstercat label?

L: It’s a tricky one but I have to say WRLD. His originality in both his production and musicality is admirable.

FS: Lastly, if you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would it be?

L: I’ve discussed this a lot actually haha. I think for this project in terms of how much I could learn and develop my skills it’d have to be Madeon. He’s a massive influence!

FS: Great choice! Madeon’s Adventure was definitely one of the best albums that got released this year. Thank you LVTHER for taking the time to talk to us! Check out his social medias and his new track Dots below!

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