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Mr. Belt & Wezol are big talent coming from Spinnin’ Records at the moment! After recently releasing Somebody To Love which is a classic twist on the Boogie Pimps track that we all know and love, as well as Finally which flips the club classic on its head! It gets better though… Their new single RDY2FLY looks to be the best yet, with raving reviews across the board!


FS: Wow what an interview we’ve got lined up for you all today! Today we’re speaking to Spinnin’ Record’s very own Mr. Belt & Wezol! Talking of the name though, what’s the story behind it?

Mr. Belt: Ah, we get that question a lot but it’s actually very simple. My full name is Bart Riem and Riem is the Dutch word for belt. Sam’s (Wezol) full name is Sam van Wees, Wees somehow became Wezol and there you go: Mr. Belt & Wezol.

FS: Was there any past inspirations that spurred you to produce music?

Wezol: That’s a tough one to answer… But as a kid I used to play a lot of Nintendo video games like Zelda and Mario. I think I somehow took inspiration out of their combination of storytelling and music and it has driven me to producing the productions for Mr. Belt & Wezol as they are now.

FS: Ah who doesn’t love a little Mario or Zelda now and then? You’ve been known to do some epic recreations of club classics, what track was the best that you’ve put your take on?

Wezol: That must be my take on CeCe Peniston’s Finally, I think I really nailed making it funky like the original, but unique as well.

FS: Talking of club classics though, are there any others that you would turn your hand to?

Wezol: Definitely, I’m working on a couple of other classics right now which you’ll hopefully hear something about pretty soon. There’s also my new track RDY2FLY coming out November 2nd! It contains yet another classic sample; this time from the “happy hardcore days”. I think it turned out to be a unique track and I’m very curious to see how it will do in the charts, since it seems to be a love/hate thing with two basslines!

FS: A lot of Spinnin’s artists were at ADE recently, were you there? If so, how was the experience?

Mr. Belt: We most definitely were! It was amazing, we had four gigs and a lot of meetings and PR. ADE always turns out to be one of the most fun weeks of the year, and this was no exception.

FS: Excellent to hear! Lastly, what Spinnin’ artist has the most potential at the moment?

Mr. Belt: Tough one, but I think you will hear a lot from the guys from Daser in the future. They recently had a cool collab with Joe Stone and I know for a fact that there’s some cool tracks coming up as well!

FS: Looks like we’ll have to keep our eyes on Daser then… Thank you to Mr. Belt & Wezol for taking the time to talk to us! You can check out their new track RDY2FLY below as well as their social medias!

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Mr. Belt & Wezol



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