A Masterclass in French House: Crydamoure Waves II

I first did a writeup on the first Crydamoure Waves album roughly a year ago, so I felt that I needed to finish something that I started. Introducing the 2nd and final part of the Crydamoure Waves series, (excluding the unofficial spinoffs) Waves II, boasting less tracks than the first album, but hell. It’s one heck of a ride.

The album starts off with Rhumba, a French House track that’s been compressed down to its roots, giving that retro 80s vibe that we all crave for today, before cascading into Nymphae Song and Crydajam’s Playground, both tracks being a funkadelic’s dream.

We slow it down now with In Flight, which was featured on the first album too, instead being mixed by Raw Man. If you close your eyes while you’re listening to it though, it really gives the illusion that you’re on a passenger jet. Spooky.

Before you know it though, the album starts to pick up pace with tracks like Mosquito and Carnaval before moving into the Holy Grail of all French House tracks, Soul Bells. I could literally go on for hours about Soul Bells, but I’m gonna keep it sweet and simple: It’s one of the greatest tracks to come out of the Crydamoure label, if not one of the best French House tracks of all time. I kid you not. Do yourself a favour and listen to it if you haven’t already, it’s a stunner.

After that though, we witness Crydajam’s If You Give Me The Love, which we covered not long ago on the blogosphere, saying that “blending the fantastic vocal samples with the choppy bass makes for an absolutely fantastic tune” and I couldn’t agree more. The album comes to swift halt with Palm Beat after this, somewhat reminiscent to the opening track of the album, before cutting to the sweet sounds of the waves crashing against the coast.

Listen to the album below, or buy it on Discogs or Amazon!

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