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Originating from France, Nu Disco musician, Tiam Wills likes to lay down the funky stuff, with his tracks reminiscent of the 60s and 70s funk genre. With tracks like Studio 54 and Hit Explosion, you’ll be boogieing until sundown!


FS: Hey all! Today we’ve grabbed French Nu Disco producer, Tiam Wills to do a few questions for us! We’ll jump straight in shall we? So, what got you into making music in the first place?

TW: I started making music with my brother and cousin for fun at the weekends and over time I started to like doing it and it’s became a hobby of mine. I have not imagined it being a job of mine but if it would be then I’d be very happy.

FS: Ah, humble beginnings eh? Are there any inspirations you take from to make your music?

TW: I listen to a lot of funk and it’s the music that makes me vibrate! This is where I draw most of my inspirations.

FS: Now your Gold & Glad EP, what’s your favourite track off it?

TW: My favourite track is Gold & Glad precisely because for the first time since I started making music, I’ve managed to make a full-on funk track but with the spirit and influences of a track made in 2015, if you know what I mean?

FS: Yeah we get you! Do you have any new material planned at all?

TW: I’m working a new EP that is heading in the direction of disco & funk from the 70s, as well as having some collaborations with my childhood friends who are musicians, singers, bass players and drummers.

FS: Sounds solid! Do you have any experiences playing live that you can share with us?

TW: Yes, once because I struggled to play my music at a party, but for fun I tried to play at “Les P├ętarades” in Brest and to my amazement, people gave me a positive reception! I had a great time.

FS: Keeping in the same category of playing live, what would be your dream destination to play at?

TW: I’d love to mix in the United States; it is the country that fascinates me the most and I’m madly in love with it, I can’t explain. But around the world it is the country that amazes me the most, so New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago whatever.

FS: Last question for you now, do you think Nu Disco will ever be as popular as Trap or as popular as Dubstep back in the day?

TW: I think that Nu Disco is pretty popular now, we hear it everywhere. But I don’t really know if it’ll ever be as popular as Trap or Dubstep… I remain optimistic about this idea though, it would be great seeing it popular!

FS: We hope so too Tiam. Thank you for chatting to us though! You can check out his social links below as well as his latest remix on Take Me Away by Slowz!

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Tiam Wills



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